Nov 07

Oh What a Spark!

There are some people who bring a smile to your face each time you see them. And then when these people all get together for family photos, your heart fills with overjoy. That is how Wispy Bliss felt about taking the Spark's family photos. We were granted the opportunity to spend an... read more →
Sep 30

Country Lovin’ 18-Month-Old Charm

Overalls, red hair, blue eyes...all wrapped up into 18-month-old charm and Cooper! It does not get any cuter than this little guy right here folks. Wispy Bliss had the privilege of spending an hour with Cooper along with his mom, dad, brother and sister, right here on our little farm in... read more →
Sep 16

And Then There Were 10!

Wispy Bliss was recently contacted about a specific photographic idea featuring a group of 10 grandkids. We arrived along the river on a warm evening during Labor Day weekend and were quickly greeted with smiles and excitement from the most amazing family. We were also warned that we would be lucky to... read more →
Sep 06
Jun 07

Family Life

We had the privilege of photographing the Hastings for another family photoshoot. We absolutely adore our repeat customers and are thankful for their trust in our work. What is so unique about our business is that we get to get a glimpse into the family life of so many of... read more →
May 21

Double the Fun

You wanna talk about a little fun! Wispy Bliss had double the fun a few weeks ago with the Knight Family at two session locations. They arrived at Wispy Bliss Farms in early afternoon dressed and ready to go. We had to keep up with the two oldest daughters because they... read more →
May 17

Backroads Trip to Tennessee

How did you spend Mother's Day this year? Do you have any keepsake photos to remember it by? This year, Wispy Bliss offered a "Mom & Me" promo for mother's and grandmother's to take photos with their children and grandchildren. One of our photoshoots took us to Tennessee to photograph an... read more →
May 12

What’s in the Name

We know it's catchy. We did it on purpose. We want you to remember the name when you see it stamped on one of our photos or visit our website. We just couldn't help it. We want it to roll off you tongue like melting butter and keep you coming back for more.... read more →