Meet Envision

Ee, AA, CrCr, nSW1, n/PATN1

Wispy Bliss Farms welcomed a colt, Wipsy Bliss Envision at 5:40 a.m. on April 16th, 2016. As far as we can confirm, Envision was the first Double Agouti Solid Perlino in the United States and the entire world.

Envision is now owned by Dean Nash and Victoria Simpson of Capital Carriage Gypsy Vanners. We hear that he is doing very well at his new home.

He was also 2016 National Champion!

While he was at Wispy Bliss, he loved to run and play with his mom. Envision was imprinted at birth, loves children and is an in-your-pocket Gypsy Vanner.

Porsche foaled the best when she was matched with Gold.